New 'Discover' Feature

When we first released ANXR, it required you to invite your trusted friends so you could trust them and see their recommendations. We noticed that some people joined but didn’t have anybody to follow yet. This makes ANXR not very useful.

The Discover feature allows you to see many recent recommendations from cool people within the ANXR community…

…even if you haven’t decided to trust them quite yet.

You can also explore cities to browse pictures and recommendations specific to your desired location.

This really opens the doors to helping you find some of the best-kept-secrets within ANXR.

Restaurants are F***ing Awesome

Here at ANXR we think restaurants are cool. We love it all: the food, the workers, the patrons, the ambiance, the stories. There are so many great restaurants to share and discover.

The problem is that with every restaurant review site, you get bombarded with phony critiques, pointless rants, and random ratings. None of this helps and ANXR refuses to go along with the status quo.

ANXR is 2 things: good food & good friends. ANXR is the first and only restaurant app built around those you know, love and trust. We believe, “1 trusted recommendation > 1000 random reviews.”

But ANXR is more than just an app. ANXR is a cool group of food-lovers who find great food and want to share. So join ANXR and have a better restaurant sharing experience.

You'll Find Best Kept Secrets

Here’s a quick story.

In San Clemente, CA (where we once lived), our favorite burger joint was Rider’s Club. But if you used the “ratings” method to find a good burger, the results were shameful. Rider’s club posted a score of 4.6 and some other generic chain had a score of 4.4. For people who know San Clemente, there’s more than a 0.2 point difference between Rider’s Club and generic chains.

And everyone knows that Rider’s Club doesn’t have ketchup, so stop giving them negative ratings!!!

Surely you feel the same about your favorite restaurants.

The one promise we know we can keep is that you and your friends will find best kept secrets. No other online algorithm can match your recommendations.

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