A Small Team, Purposefully

We purposefully keep the ANXR team small for a couple reasons: (1) We can be more efficient and move quicker, and (2) the average tech-geek feels they have to keep adding meaningless features to feel important.

I think we can all agree there’s nothing worse than your favorite app becoming bloated with garbage to the point you can’t even recognize it, let alone use it.


We build ANXR using a method we invented called CABS: Collaborate And Build Shit.

Under this methodology, a cab is 2 developers and 1 designer, working together until a problem is solved.

We came up with this method because the entire meaning of it changes depending on where you put the emphasis. We can collaborate and build *shit*. Or we can collaborate and *build* shit…

Anybody who works on ANXR is expected to do the latter.


We are exploring building out more cabs. We are always willing to talk.

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